Outdoor laser game

“Welcome to the future!”

You have various scenarios to choose from, inspired by video games.

Equipped with your latest generation Raptor III, choose the best gun to get the most points.
You’re the hero now, so start your adventure !

From age 8.

Booking is obligatory.

Prices 2024

Family price: -5%

for 5 people or more


Group rate : -10 %

for 10 people or more


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Your equipment: 1 raptor III laser tag, a headset with 360 ° sensors

With it’s vibration module, information feedback on a LCD color screen, a set of personalized sound effects and its red dot viewfinder, the Raptor III is not only a lasertag gun, it’s also a gaming console!

Laser tag Raptor III features:

– Infrared technology
– 200m range
– Shooting accuracy
– Light: 1 kg
– Tag confirmed by sound effect
– Vibration indicating hits received
– Red dot viewfinder
– Can change weapons during the game (grenade launcher, medical assistance…)
– LCD color screen


grimpe-et-cimes  Since 2005 - Season #20

grimpe-et-cimes  Since 2005 - Season #20